The world’s thickest book fighting bureaucracy

Min A-kasse, the Danish unemployment fund

Through research, Min A-kasse found that the unemployment rules had exploded from 421 pages in 1951 to a massive 23,675 pages in 2011. A strong case against bureaucracy was made.

To make something as abstract as bureaucracy tangible, a group of unemployed people made the world’s thickest book out of the many pages. The book weighs 64 kg and is more than 134 centimetres thick, the average weight of a woman and the average height of a pygmy; definitely not something politicians could defend. The book toured Denmark beginning at Parliament and on to the National Danish Library.

The campaign succeeded in turning the book into a powerful argument against bureaucracy, sparking a hearing in Parliament and cross-party agreement that the unemployment area needs to be deregulated. The campaign has featured on numerous TV channels and in every serious newspaper in Denmark. It even attracted foreign media attention from among others, the BBC.